Guess who's back ?
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Guess who's back ?

Moments of crisis are moments of questioning, of introspection. And finally, after having suffered a bit, I think that this excommunication from the French Tech and startup world is for the best.

I have to say that since my former partners and I have been tearing each other apart in public, I haven't felt much like being present online.

This has allowed me to take a real break, travel, read and learn new things. In particular to dive into the world of Web3, to discover Dubai, and to spend some quality time with my friends.

Let's face it, I've done a lot of content in the last few years, and the people who follow me know my style. A style that never appealed to the French elite. But it doesn't matter, because if the ecosystem has banned me, my public has shown me - in private - an unfailing support.

I've been the center of a lot of conversations and I don't think it's going to stop - even though I'm nowhere interested in that. I don't want this kind of investors' money or recognition anymore. I'm very happy to have my back against the wall and this situation — where they tried to take everything away from me by preventing me from having any opportunity to work and express myself — has only awakened the beast in me.

Let's not lie, the opportunities are much more limited, the playing field is much smaller, but it is also much stronger. Seeing 10 years of work go out the window is never charming but it can be energizing. Clean slate. Blank page. There is a kind of exaltation in this chaotic nihilism.

And I'm not dead, I have a team, I have an office and resources. I'm ready to fight and make this whole thing a parking ticket out the door.

I've heard the disappointment of Oussama Ammar's fans who don't understand why I decided to sell panini cards... Good thing I never listened to people including my fans... NFTs, crypto, is the beginning of something so fundamental that it's impossible to describe it: it has to be built. And like anything meaningful, it has to start small, fragile and clunky.

Crypto will not win in speeches but in actions! In the ability to produce use-cases and services that would not have been possible otherwise. Crypto is not here to transform Web2 into Web3 but to build applications that could never have been done in Web2. These same commentators will come and explain to us on YouTube in a few years how great it is.

By the way, this current nuclear winter on cryptos has only made me enjoy being in it more. Not a lot of noise. Not much excitement, but a real layer of builders. Quiet but so exciting.

So I made a few pretty simple decisions:

  • I'm not going to defend myself in public. This is not the place, and for that matter, I'm patiently waiting for justice to do its job. I have nothing to say or add on the subject.
  • While waiting to be publicly appreciated and in the trends again, I will take the opportunity to build new things with a very fashionable objective: cash-flow for the win.
  • I won't be bringing in investors (like I have a choice... 😅) and I'm going to focus on building things I can do without any outside capital.
  • I'm going to ignore the mountains of hate I've received. They have impacted my loved ones far more than myself and I am going to try to teach them to ignore them as much as I have.

And to do that, I will build in public :

  • for my French speaking audience and to rebuild what I lost with Koudetat; a new kind of training; I know a lot about startups and there is no reason for me to stop sharing it;
  • The Labyrinth: a market-neutral hedge fund that invests in crypto assets; 100% algorithmic;
  • A personal YouTube channel - this is for fun and to make new kind of shows, especially culinary ones;

By the way, a very special thank you to Sofiane Pamart who has been my blood brother in this storm and to Sandrine Lacout who has been an emotional bulwark out of the ordinary.

And all the others I won't mention so as not to get you into trouble.

Let's go.