Hi, my name is Oussama Ammar.

I was born in Lebanon on September 25th, 1986.

I am a Nomad with a big tent in Dubai.

I studied Philosophy — mostly analytical.

I have 4 brothers, 1 sister, 6 nieces, & 3 nephews that I love a lot.

I am happy & in love with a non-disclosed polycule.

About MySelf

Ever since I was a child, I have wanted to build things that will be remembered for a long time. To do things not just for money or survival but for beauty and glory. And I must admit that I have been able to do many unexpected things in my life.

In my journey, I have invested in hundreds of projects around the world. I have created few profitable services companies. I have been involved in fundamental fights for startups against taxis, banks and for freedom in many regulated professions.

Never start a fight but always finish it, my mum told me.

Always building in public, I found a lot of joy in doing interviews, videos, classes or mentor sessions online. With not much preparation, I always tried to say what I think and to take pleasure in the joy of learning while I was teaching. This resulted in a constant wave of amazing love received from the best and brightest entrepreneurs across YouTube. I cannot be more grateful.

What I do:

  • I am the Founder of The Lyra Haruto Company, Inc. — a storytelling studio.
  • I am the Founder of One Thousand & One — a crypto hedge-fund.
  • I am the Founder of The Labyrinth — an ambitious venture studio.
  • I am providing Strategic Consulting & Mentoring as #BetterCallOuss.
  • I teach online once a month as a #Rendez-vous.
  • I am the Chairman of Domaine d'Ablon & The Domains' Hospitality Group.  
  • I am the Last Wizard for The Piano King — the NFT of Sofiane Pamart.  
  • I invest in 100 Startups a Year as a Business Angel.


  • LinkedIn is my propaganda channel of choice;
  • I enjoy Instagram a lot and share bits of my personal life there;
  • I am still wondering why I am big on French Tiktok;
  • I am on Twitter — mostly retweets;
  • I was once pretty active on Facebook — you can stalk my past;
  • You can read more of my thoughts and my thinking in my newsletter.

For 10 years, I was the Director & Founder of The Family:

  • I’ve helped fundraise more than $1.5bn for startups in our portfolio;
  • I’ve participated in M&A, IPOs & lots of structural crisis management across every startup stage;
  • I’ve been named to the Forbes 30 under 30;
  • I’ve advised many startup CEOs, including the co-founders of iconic companies like Payfit, Agricool and Algolia;
  • I built Koudetat and did a lot of videos for Youtube, as well as tons of podcasts and articles. I also wrote a book;
  • I’ve been a member of the Global Tech Panel, appointed by Frederica Mogherini alongside Bill Gates, Tom Fletcher, Brad Smith, Megan Smith, Borge Brende and Risto Siilasmaa as co-members;
  • I’ve spoken at more than 100+ conferences for CEOs & executive committees;
  • I've given class and conferences at Sciences Po, Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, and many universities and schools. I like that a lot.
  • I’ve advised the French government & multiples European institutions about Entrepreneurship Policy, including by participating in the Defense G20 on cybersecurity and new global threats.

What I did in my previous lives:

  • I made money for the first time when I was 12 years old by selling a website — journalists love to say that’s when I built my first company. After years of repeating to them that it was just a website, I gave up;
  • I did a lot of opportunistic things in my teenage years - buying low, selling high. Lots of different kinds of stuff, including a lot of stock trading (and nothing illegal, I promise). It was so much fun;
  • I built a company called Hypios where I had very bad investors and made a bunch of terrible mistakes. The biggest mistake was getting to 50 employees without having any product-market fit. I think I developed a low tolerance for bullshit thanks to this experience;
  • To make a living, I did some high level consulting for executive committees on innovation, the future, and many other things that they never listened to;
  • In 2010, I discovered angel investing on www.angel.co and my life changed. After 3 years in the amateur leagues, in 2013, I decided to go pro.